Morditor Series Prototype Mark 1.5 "Mordechai"

Eisen's Servitor - built from the remains of a vanquished Magos



Name: “Mordechai” Prototype Mark 1.5
Series: Mordetor Series Combat Servitor
Owner: Eisen the Reforge

Weapon Skill: 35
Ballistic Skill: 09
Strength: 30
Toughness: 30
Agility: 20
Intelligence: 10
Perception: 20
Fellowship: 01
Willpower: 20

Wounds: 14
Loyalty: 45

Athletics(S): Tained(+10)
Awareness(Per): Tained(+10)
Parry(Ws): Tained(+10)

Unnatural Strength(3)
Unnatural Toughness(3)
Dark Sight

Weapons Training(Chain)
Sound Constitution (2)
Beserk Charge
Combat Master
Flesh Render
Furious Assault

GQ Chain Greatsword
CQ Arm mounted Chain blade
Light Carapace

GQ Chain Greatsword: | Rng: Melee | Dmg: 2d10+2(2d10+8)R | Pen:5 | Mono, Tearing, Unbalanced | 16kg
CQ Armm mountedChain Blade: | Rng: Melee | Dmg: 1d10+2(1d10+8) R | Pen:3 | Tearing| 5 kg


Light Carapace Armour(5) + Machine(4) = 9 on Arms, Body and Legs, 4 on Head


Formely Magos Mordechai, placed in charge of the Explorator Vessel “Grand Artifice”, this once widely respected and even liked Tech-Priest has been reduced to weapon of war. His body canibalized and transformed into even more of a machine his is now a simple servitor. A powerful servitor built for the sole purpose of protecting Eisen and destroying his enemies but a servitor nontheless.

Mordechai is as much a trophy and humiliation directed towards the former Magos as it is a tool and Eisen holds quite some pride in it’s design and contruction. As such he finds himself fond of the Servitor and does not treat it as expendable any more than he has to. In fact hee values the Mordetors continued existance more than he does most of his flesh and blood allies.

Eisen also see’s Mordechai as the prototype for a series of Servitors which he plans to one day mass produce as a personal army.

Morditor Series Prototype Mark 1.5 "Mordechai"

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