Eisen the Reforged

Heretek seeking the perfection of the machine form.


Name: Eisen(formerly Quint)
Skin: Pale to Grey
Eyes: Artificial Yellow optics(turn red when angered"
Hair: None
Height: 6’5”
Archetype: Heretek
Pride: Craftsmanship +1 Infamy, +3 Agility, +3 Intelligence, –3 Weapon Skill, –3 Ballistic Skill
Disgrace: Destruction +2 Infamy, –4 Fellowship
Motivation: Perfection +5 Intelligence -3 Fellowship -3 Perception

Weapon Skill: 45
Ballistic Skill: 32
Strength: 42
Toughness: 43
Agility: 32
Intelligence: 50
Perception: 30
Fellowship: 35
Willpower: 36

Wounds: 15
Corruption: 0
Infamy: 27
Mutations: None

Common Lore(Adeptus Mechanicus)(Int): Trained
Common Lore(Tech)(Int): Trained
Common Lore(War)(Int): Trained
Common Lore(Imperial Navy)(Int):Trained
Forbidden Lore(Archeotech)(int):Trained
Forbidden Lore(Daemonology)(int):Trained
Linguistics(int)(low Gothic): Trained
Logic(Int): Trained
Medicae(Int): Trained
Parry(ws): Trained
Scholastic Lore()(int): Chymistry: Trained
Sleight of Hand(Ag)
Tech-Use(Int): Trained(+10)
Trade(Armourer)(int): Trained

The Quick and the Dead
Mechanicus Implants
Binary Chatter
Die Hard
Technical Knock
Weapon Training: Las, Primary, Shock and Power
Mechadendrite Training: Utility
Total Recall
Enemy: Adeptus Mechanicus

BQ Craftmanship Lasacarbine
CQ Power Axe
CQ Light Power Armor
Inclusive: Sustainable Power Source, Auto Senses, Vox Array
Light Carapace Armour
Unholy unguents

Mechanicus Implants
GQ Utility Mechadendrite
Maglev Coils
Machine Conversion(1)
GQ Servo-Arm
MIU Unit

GQ MIU unit
CQ Light Power Armor
Inclusive: Sustainable Power Source, Auto Senses, Vox Array

Advances: (1000 xp)
Minion of Chaos(-500xp) – Replaces Lesser Minion of Chaos(+250xp)
Two Weapon Fighting(-250xp)

Left Over(50xp)

Slaanesh: 0
Tzeentch: 0
Nurgle: 1
Khorne: 0
Unaligned: 2
Devoted: Unaligned


BQ Las Carbine: Rng:75m | RoF:S/2/– | Dmg:1d10+3E | Pen:0 | Clip:60 | Rld:Half | Reliable | 2.5kg |
CQ Power Axe: Rng: Melee | Dmg: 1d10+7(1d10+11) E | Pen:6 | Power Field, Unbalanced| 8 kg
GQ Servo-Arm: Rng: Melee | Dmg: 2d10+14I | Pen:10 |
GQ Utility Mechadendrite: Rng: Melee | 1d5(1d5+4) R | Pen:2 | Mono, Defensive


Light Power Armour(7) + Machine(1) = 8 on All Locations

Light Carapace Armour(5) + Machine(1) = 6 on Arms, Body and Legs and 1 on Head


Bio(warning, wall of text incoming)

Quint was born on the holy Forgeworld of Mars, constantly surrounded by the wonders of the Omnissiah and raised to take his place as one of its priests. However it was not until he was offered a place on an expedition into the ruins beneath the forgeworld that he became more than a simple worker drone.

The expedition went as well as could of been expected, a full two thirds of the expedition was lost through either treacherous conditions or conflict with renegade machines, before the first month had ended.
It was one conflict in particular though that cost them most dearly. They had found, much to the tech priests horror a functioning, though damaged, Man of Iron. Even badly damaged the heretical machine slew two of the tech priests and a full half of the surviving Skitarii. With few surviving members left they slavaged what they could from the dead and made to return to the surface with their meager bounty.
But even in his own horror, Quint was facinated by this technology he had witnessed, its sleek and elegant design. Effective and effecient as a machine should be. So while most of the Expedition made to regroup and retreat he used their distraction to scavenge some of the parts left of the machine and store it with the rest of the tech that had been retrieved.

Though most of it had been destroyed he had scavenged enough of it and hidden it well enough that when they finally returned to the Forgeworlds Surface that he was able to set up a hidden workshop and start to dismantle and understand its workings. In his mind he knew he was commiting heresy and if he was discovered he would be damned but he pressed on anyways. Still his work was almost uncovered several times, and when he was forced to end the life of one of the Tech-Guards soldiers to protect the secret he decided he had best escape from Mars and complete his work elsewhere.
He suprised many when he applied for the newly repaired Explorator Ship that was due to return to its Fleet, he had been a rising steadily in rank and prestige and his sudden decision to join the Explorators shocked many of his superiors.

Still he was granted his request, most believing he would return once he satisfied his curiosity and came back in line, himself included. But that was not fated to happen. Instead Quint delved deeper into his work, some times ignoring his duties to satisfy his hunger for knowledge. Finally he felt as if possesed and locked himself within one of the workshops deep within the explorator ship. When his superios came looking for him they found no trace, his possesions already stripped from his quarters and the room bare. After some searching they wrote him off as lost to the bowls of the ship. However several days before they left the warp to arrive at their destination Quint returned.

No longer was he the small hunched figure sporting a large archaic potentia coil that had been slowly crushing his back, gone were the numerous tubes and cables that were needed for his body to simply to function. Now he stood a full six foot five his body wrapped in a metal skin of black and bronze plate, his organs either removed or replaced by smaller complex cybernetics and the crushing weight of his potentia coil replaced by an internalized power core that hummed with a malevolent force. His mechadendrites were replaced by coiling metal limbs that seemed almost organic in their movement but were constructed quite clearly of a dark metal alloy. For all the vaunted superiority of the machine over the flesh Quint had discovered that the Mechanicus had simply found another form of inefficiency to replace that of the flesh. But he had found perfection, he had rebuilt himself witht he aid of the ancient technology. He knew he was not yet complete, not yet perfect but he considered himself further ont he path than any of his colleague. He had reforged himself as Eisen and set himself on the true path to perfection.

But rather than accept his advances when he presented them they proclaimed them heresy and blashpemy to the omnissiah as he knew they would. So he fled, setting of several bombs near the gellar field generators as cover, the resulting demon infestation easily deterring his persuers.
Where other were driven insane he held strong and watch as the men and women around him died and the ship was torn apart, himself hiding and waiting within his workshop once more.
When they finally exited the warp, directly into the midst of a chaos fleet he made straight for the hangar bay intent on steeling a ship. What he found however was the heavilly wounded Magos waiting for him surrounded by the bodies of dead Crewmen, Skitarii, Tech Priests and of the numerus demons. They fought while the ship aroudn them was destroyed and when finally Eisen was able to tear the head from the Magos’s shoulders he piled into an Argos Lighter, dragging the corpse with him and made for the closest ship, broadcasting a friendly signal.

Eisen the Reforged soon found his place crafting weapons of war for the armies of chaos using the resources at his fingertips to improve and perfect on his own design.

Eisen the Reforged

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